What Sets NOVATime Apart?

Our complete line of time and attendance / workforce management solutions for companies with 10 employees to 10,000+ employees!

Proven by many major corporations and government agencies.
Whether it's SBE Express or NOVAtime 3000 Enterprise Edition, managers can see who’s in, who’s out, which of their employees are approaching overtime, and make timely decisions in a few keystrokes.

Smooth migration and grows with your company.
Best of all, NOVAtime 1000 SBE PC Key-In, NOVAtime 1000 SBE Express, and NOVAtime 1000 SBE are fully upgradeable to the unlimited employee version called NOVAtime 2000. NOVAtime 2000 can also be upgraded to our web-enabled NOVAtime 3000 Enterprise Edition, allowing support of up to thousands of employees. So companies that start out our small business edition for less than 25 employees can easily grow into NOVAtime 2000 and NOVAtime 3000, without re-training your staff nor re-entering data / features - great backward compatibility that includes any customized programming changes!

Easy to use
The graphical user interface with the exclusive desktop System Navigator guides the user through a step-by-step flow of daily, payroll, new hire, monthly, and annual procedures. With the NOVAtime Time Management Suite you have an easy to tailor application that meets your unique and specific needs. It includes a customizable system configuration that allows users to define and address their industry specific requirements and unique time and attendance / labor costing needs.

Proactive R&D Team
NOVAtime R&D is constantly researching and adding new data collection devices and software features that will integrate and improve the product line.

Solid Framework / Design Architecture
NOVAtime utilizes an open modular design that fits easily into any organization's IT / Computing environment. This design adapts to changes as well as facilitating growth. Our software is fully implemented via Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using Unified Modeling Language (UML) framework.
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